Change Answering Rules

Change Answering Rules for a User

If you would like to change the way your phone rings (or forward your calls to your cell phone), sign into your portal at

  • Click on Answering Rules button (Note: if you are an admin or office manager, click on your name in the top right corner then click “my account”
  • Click on the pencil button to the right of the Default Time Frame.
  • You can choose from the following options:
    • Do Not Disturb – disables the ringer on your phone and sends calls to voicemail
    • Call screening
    • Call Forwarding:
      • always – forwards a call to a phone number or extension.  You may combine this with “When busy”.
      • When Unanswered – Defaults to your voicemail, but you can set this to forward to another number.  Note: if you are forwarding to your cell phone, if you put a 1 in front of your number (eg. 15015556666), calls forwarded to your cell will show the caller’s number on Caller ID.  If you leave the 1 off (eg 5015556666), the number will appear as if it is coming from your office.
      • When offline – not used for individual phones unless there is only 1 phone in the office.
    • Simultaneous ring
      • Include user’s extension (ring your desk phone)
      • Ring all user’s phones (ring all your phones including desk phone and softphone)
      • Answer confirmation for offnet numbers – requires you to press 1 to answer a call on your cell phone
      • The text box is where you can add multiple extensions or numbers and the timer allows you to set a delay before each one starts ringing
    • Just ring user’s extension – rings only your desk phone
  • Click Save

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