Getting started Checklist

Set Up Your Voicemail Greeting

Configuring your Voicemail greeting should be the first thing you do on the Phone System.

  • Press the Message or envelope icon on your phone
  • Enter your password followed by # key. The default password is 8590
  • Press 6 to change your greeting
  • Press 1 to record your greeting
  • Record your greeting and press # when finished
  • Press 1 to save the recording

Retrieving Your Voicemail

You can pick up your voicemail by pressing the Message or envelope icon on your phone. Alternatively, you may dial 5001.

Please note that if you have voicemail to email configured, you may not receive voicemails to your phone. To update your voicemail delivery:

  • Log in to your PBX Portal
  • Go to Messages
    Note: Office Managers will have to click on their name in the top right and select My Account first
  • Click on the Settings tab
  • Select the preferred option from the Email Notifications drop-down under Unified Messaging

Retrieving Another User’s Voicemail

  • Dial 5000 from your phone
  • Enter the extension number when prompted
  • Enter the password for the extension, followed by the # key
  • Follow prompts to listen to voicemail

Making Phone Calls from Your Phone

To place a call, enter the extension or phone number then press Send/Dial to initiate the call.

Placing a Call on Hold

While on a call, press Hold. The corresponding button of that Extension or Line will now flash red indicating a held call

Retrieving a Call on Hold

There are multiple ways to pick up a call on hold:

  1. Press Resume
  2. Press any Flashing Red Extension or Line to resume the call

Transfer a Call

Announced Transfer

Caller ID on the transfer is the person who transfers the call.

  • Press Transfer. This automatically puts the caller on Hold.
  • Dial the extension or phone number and press Send to call
  • Press Transfer to send the held call.

Blind Transfer/Quick Transfer

Caller ID on the transfer is the caller’s ID

  • Press the Transfer button
  • Press the Blind soft key and dial the extension or phone number
  • Press the Send key

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