Outbound Calls Marked as SPAM

Due to the rise of unwanted calls in recent years, many services have been created to create databases of known or suspected spam callers. Each service utilizes its own methodology for what numbers they add to the database. Some common methods include:

  • The frequency of calls received from your number
  • The length of calls associated with your number
  • The age of call history for calls received from your number
  • The destination area codes for calls received from your number

Based on the various factors, the receiving carrier may choose to add your number to their database for an unknown amount of time. While your number is in their database, calls from your number to their subscribers will be marked as “Spam”. There is no centralized database or service that can be checked to determine if your number will be marked as spam.

Note: There are caller ID reputation companies that monitor your number for a monthly fee. We do not have any relationship with any of these companies, nor can we recommend any.

What to Do if Your Number Is Marked as Spam

You must remember that the spam marking is currently affected by the receiving carrier. Similarly, just because your number shows as spam with one carrier, does not mean it will show as spam for all carriers. If your number shows as a suspected spam caller, you will need to find out who the receiving carrier is and contact them for removal. Many services have online forms for removal. We have listed some below.
Sites to Report Errors

AT&T – https://hiyahelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=824667

T-mobile – https://callreporting.t-mobile.com/

Verizon – https://www.voicespamfeedback.com/vsf/
Third-Party Services

There are also third-party services that focus on Caller ID reputation. We do not use, nor do we have any relationships with any of these companies. But you are welcome to examine if they would be of value to you. A free option is listed below.

CallTransparency – https://www.calltransparency.com/

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