Star Codes and Feature Codes

Many features in the SWTPVoIP platform are controlled by dialing the star key in conjunction with a 2 or 3 digit code. The default star codes are listed below.

Star Code Feature Description v1 v2
*** Dynamically Park a Call
<Call Park Queue Number>1 Park a Call
*35<Extension Number> Extension Pickup – Answer a Call that is ringing at another extension
*36 Domain Pickup – Answer a Call that is ringing within the same domain
*37 Department Pickup – Answer a Call that is ringing within the same department
*40 Activate Call Forwarding
*41<Forwarding Number> Set Forward Busy Destination
*42<Forwarding Number> Set Forward No Answer Feature
*44 Pick up a call from another device on the same extension  
*46 Hot Desking: Release Ownership of Device
*48<Destination Number> Ask caller to enter PIN before connecting call
*49<Destination Number> Ask caller to enter extension # before connecting call
*50<Extension Number> Auto Answer/Intercom (3 or 4 Digit Ext)
*55<Call Park Destination>1 Retrieve a call from a Call Park Queue
*67<Destination> Outbound Call to DID or Extension as Anonymous (One Time)
*69 Call Return
*72<Forwarding Number> Set Forward Destination
*73 DeActivate Forward
*74 Activate Night Mode (On Own User  
*75 Deactivate Night Mode (On Own User)  
*77 Activate Reject Anonymous Calls  
*78 Activate Do Not Disturb
*79 DeActivate Do Not Disturb
*80 Activate Call Recording
*81 DeActivate Call Recording
*87 Deactivate Reject Anonymous Calls  
*88 Make Agent Available for a Queue (Online)
*89 Make Agent Unavailable for a Queue (Offline)
*90 Activate Forward Busy
*91 DeActivate Forward Busy
*92 Activate Forward No Answer
*93 DeActivate Forward No Answer
*98 Transfer to an Extension
*99 Transfer to Self


Shortcut Feature Description v1 v2
7<Extension Number> Transfer a call directly to voicemail (3 or 4 digit extension)
7[0-1][0-9] Transfer a call to a Call Park Queue in the 700-719 Range for Parking without Callback
7[2-9][0-9] Transfer a call to a Call Park Queue in the 720-799 Range for Parking with Callback
99<Extension Number> Auto Answer/Intercom (3 or 4 digit extension)
099<Destination Number> Invoke the Account Code feature
5000/9900 Unregistered Login to VMail (prompted for acct no and password)
5001/9901 Registered Login to VMail (prompted for password only)
5002/9902 Hot Desking Sign In (Click Here to learn how to Hot Desk)
9999 Hot Desk/Hoteling Deactivate

1 – All call parks MUST be in the 700-729 range to work with the system default settings. If you require a call park orbit with a different extension number, please contact us

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