Voicemail: access your voicemails remotely

Note: if you receive voicemail to email, you most likely will not be able to directly access voicemails.  You can, however, find old voicemails in the deleted items in the voicemail menu.

Using a Softphone Application (preferred)

Using any softphone application such as SNAPmobile you can access voicemail remotely by dialing 5000.

Using Web Portal

You can access your own voicemail via the web portal. Unlike other options, you will not be able to access someone else’s voicemail.

  • Once logged into the web portal click on your name at the top right.
  • Click on Messages to access your voicemail messages.

Calling main number

  • If you would like for employees to have the ability to call in to the main number after hours to check voicemail, please contact us and we will set this option.

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