Zoiper Mobile

Items Needed

  • IOS or Android phone
  • GS Wave app from iTunes or Google Play store
  • SIP user
  • SIP password
  • SWTPVOIP domain
  • Login information for web portal: Https://manage.swtpvoip.com

Download Zoiper Mobile from iTunes

Download Zoiper Mobile from Google Play Store

Obtain Your Domain Info

  • Log into PBX portal at https://manage.swtpvoip.com
  • Login Name will be your extension@your domain (eg. 1001@demo)
  • Enter your Password
  • Click Log In
  • Click on the Phones button at the top
    • If you do not see a softphone listed already, click the Add Phone button
    • For phone suffix enter a ‘g’.  Do not use ‘m’ as it is dedicated to the SNAPMobile app
    • Record calls: no
    • 911 Caller ID: set to your main phone number
    • Model: do not change this option.
  • Click the pencil button to the right of the mobile app extension (you may have just created this).
  • Take note of the Domain, Outbound Proxy, Username and Password


  • Open the Zoiper app
  • It will ask for username and password
    • Username: Phone@domain (Ex. 100g@demo)
    • Password: Password provided on Portal for the phone
  • Click Login
  • It will ask for the SIP server
    • Enter the domain/proxy information from the Phone in Portal
  • Check mark Optional Authentication and Outbound Proxy
    • Enter the correct outbound proxy you see under phone
  • Click Next
  • Select SIP UDP in the possible configuration page
  • Click Skip
  • Click Yes if this comes up
  • You will see a message at the top saying Ready on Dialpad . You are now ready to make and receive calls
  • Go to SettingsIncoming Calls
    • Enable Wi-Fi Keep Alive
    • Enable Force Background

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